1. Spa services - SPLENDID SPA:
Splendid Spa is a cosy spa in the heart of Hanoi old quater. Located on Tho Xuong street, a non-busy street in Hoan Kiem district, 20 second walking distance from the catheral church, 2 minutes walking distance from Hoan Kiem Lake, it is very easy to find. The area is well-decorated with calming lights, natural melodies, and delicate aromatic scents that blend through the air flowing through the Vietnamese architecture, which brings you peace from the very first moment you step in.
The average price is around 15 USD for a 60-minute treatment and they provide you many choices ranging from Traditional Vietnam massage, Hot Stone massage, Vietnamese herbal relaxing massage, facial/body skincare, and other beauty services. For a recommended package? The 75-minute long hot stone therapy is ideal when you need total relaxation. Otherwise, the 30-minute long foot care after a whole day of walking and exploring the city should be great. And just a small note, you should make a reservation if you’re going with a group of more than two people.
For more relax, after getting your treatment, spa give you a small gift with green tea and green bean cake then you can keep your pleasant long and last.
Visit us at:
Addresses: 14 Tho Xuong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Price range: 150,000 – 1,600,000 VND
Operating hours: 9 AM – 10 PM
2. Spa Facia.
A facial treatment can be a stimulating, exhilarating way to relax, cleanse, energize, nourish and revitalize the skin, improve one’s appearance, and to help relieve a number of skin issues and conditions, including on the face, back and shoulders. Tranquility offers an extensive array of advanced treatments and techniques, customized to each person’s preferences and needs.
Your experience begins with a personalized skin analysis to determine appropriate treatment. A steam-assisted facial massage is followed by exfoliation and application of lotion compresses and pore cleansing to remove unwanted impurities. A custom masque is applied, followed by a finishing moisturizer. Designed to help treat, clear and prevent acne without compromising the integrity of the skin. This facial allows extra time for extractions to achieve deep cleanse and reduce pore congestion
3. Body massage
Regarding physical treatment, Vietnamese Therapy Massage focuses on facilitate mental activities to create changes in nervous and endocrine system, which is parts of body treatment and relaxation to relieve stress from work and personal life and to protect health.
Step 1: Warm up your body with essential oil. The body will be completely liberated, you will be pleasant because of the expansion of the muscle and the pores.
Step 2: Massage your back. Back is considered to be an important part of the body. The therapist will massage to soothe the soft muscles in the back, stop the aches and pains which help you feel relax.
Step 3: Massage neck, shoulder, nape. You can experience from soft level massage to press your muscles and press acupuncture points in order to soothe and deliver your pains.
Step 4: Massage arms and press acupuncture points on the hands.
Step 5: Massage the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, legs.