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Hotline: +84 9663 56789
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Splendid View room Splendid View room
Price: $ 90$    $ 63
Room type: Splendid View room
Honeymoon room with offers a good city view and a quiet, pleasant sense for newly-married couples to create an unforgettable honeymoon.
Splendid Suite Room Splendid Suite Room
Price: $ 85$    $ 59.5$
Room type: Splendid Suite Room
Suite Room: with offers a good view over the French Old Quater. It is a specious room with 1 queen size beds and 1 single bed. Perfect for family.
Deluxe Room Deluxe Room
Price: $ 60$    $ 45$
Room type: Deluxe Room
The Deluxe Room receives most sunlight from the large window. The Deluxe rooms are recommended by those who are fond of the early pure dawn and the tranquility of the sunset moment.
Superior Room Superior Room
Price: $ 50    $ 40
Room type: Superior Room
Superior room located in the area where daylight reaches dimly, suitable for guests who need a day’s sleep after a long flight, or for those who are not used to the new time zone, who prefer not to be woken up by tropical sunlight.
The Splendid Star Grand Hotel is a new extension of the local family-owned Splendid Star group. It is located near the center of the Old Quarter, with only a 5 minute walk to Hoan Kiem Lake. We are located on a small street next to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, away from the busy traffic of Hanoi. There are numerous restaurants and cafes within the hotel’s neighborhood to suit any taste.
Trekking through beautiful terrace rice fields, landscapes; Meeting smiling and warm-hearted Black Hmong and Red Dao people; Talking with them to understand a bit more about their way of life, their customs and traditions.